On April 30, 2020 Connectifier will be sunsetted. For more information, visit our Sunset FAQs.

Connectifier is a powerful messaging solution for connecting with candidates.

About Connectifier

Our mission is to connect people and jobs, something that is profoundly important to our economy, and our lives. We've built Connectifier to give recruiters a more complete view of prospective job candidates, and additional ways to connect with those candidates.

Connectifier was founded by two ex-Googlers who received numerous recruiting calls every month while interviewing dozens of candidates for the teams they led and were a part of. Having seen problems in the recruitment process firsthand, the team at Connectifier is focused on helping companies and recruiters with the hiring challenges they face.

What We Do

Connectifier helps recruiters contact exceptional job candidates by leveraging a constantly growing database of more than 450 million candidates. Connectifier Auto Search is a web browser extension that pops up whenever a user views a profile on a supported social network, to provide additional information like email addresses. Connectifier Search allows users to search Connectifier's candidate database directly.

Who We Are

Connectifier is an AI company. Our goal of building intelligence into employment platforms requires a heavy focus on distributed systems, information retrieval, and scaling. As such, our team draws from places like Google, Amazon, Stanford, Microsoft Research, NASA, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, and Berkeley National Lab.