What is Connectifier?
Connectifier is a browser extension that helps you access more candidate contact information, including public emails and social media links, to help you connect with hard-to-reach candidates and personalize your outreach to them. It is currently available to all LinkedIn Recruiter customers based in the US at no additional cost, or it can be purchased as an add-on for LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services customers based in the US.

What are the key benefits of Connectifier?

  • Improve your response rate - We see that customers can often get up to 50% more replies when they use emails from Connectifier and LinkedIn InMail messages together
  • Personalize your message - By having access to rich social data on candidates, this can help you personalize their outreach to be more effective
  • Use with your everyday tools - Easily access information from Connectifier (such as candidate email addresses) when you use LinkedIn Recruiter

Where is Connectifier available for use?
At this time, Connectifier is only available for use in the US by LinkedIn Recruiter customers who are physically located in the US. Connectifier is not available for purchase for customers based outside of the US at this time.

How much does Connectifier cost?
There is no additional cost to Connectifier if you are a LinkedIn Recruiter US-based customer. If you are a LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services US-based customer interested in purchasing Connectifier, please contact your LinkedIn sales representative or contact us here.

How do I get access to Connectifier?
If you are a LinkedIn Recruiter US-based customer, please go to www.connectifier.com/download to validate your seat/location and then follow the instructions to download the extension on your Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser. For LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services US-based customers, once you have purchased Connectifier, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download the browser extension to access Connectifier.

If you are an existing customer and have any additional questions on getting set-up or on how to use the product, please contact support@connectifier.com.

How do I revise or delete the information about me in Connectifier?
To review, change, or delete information Connectifier may have about you, please fill out the below form. We will send you a link that will enable you to review and, if you choose, change or delete information Connectifier has about you.

Review Your Connectifier Profile