Interested in Connectifier?
Please contact us.

How much does Connectifier cost?
The Connectifier service is priced competitively with other high-value recruiting products. Please contact us.

What is Connectifier?
Connectifier is a resource for candidate information, which can be presented as supplemental to a member’s LinkedIn profile. The information can include candidate email addresses, for example.

Who uses Connectifier?
Many of the largest companies in the world are now using Connectifier to enhance their candidate outreach efforts, but we work equally well for small firms and independent contractors. We have designed Connectifier as an "Enterprise 2.0" product, meaning it's easy to use without much training, but powerful enough for the toughest use cases.

What is the added value of Connectifier for a customer?
For some customers in some industries, reaching out to a member using an email in addition to other means, such as through LinkedIn significantly increases the likelihood of a response from the candidate. The Search product has an additional value-add of using a different algorithm to rank the relevance of candidates, and the ability to filter searches based on whether Connectifier can provide an email address for the candidate.

Does Connectifier have an email address for everyone?
No. Users can expect Connectifier to provide an email address for between 40-80% of the profiles they view, depending on industry.

How do I opt-out or revise the information about me in Connectifier?
To review, revise, or delete information Connectifier may have collected about you, email us at support@connectifier.com.
If you are an existing customer and have questions on getting setup or how to use the product, please contact support@connectifier.com.